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Comedy and Company By ZOmAnIaNs!!!!

June 9 @ 10:02 pm - June 10 @ 12:02 am

Welcome to another night on one Continent, and another day on the other!! If you wanna sleep we have a nappy nap room where u could play soothing music or just be creepily watched by strangers!! We have a Comedy room where our up-and-coming ZoMaNiAnS are gonna use you as a subject for comedy pRACTICE !!! So come on, lets nappy nap , karaoke , chat or just have someone in the bg speaking in your ears (NOt in A Sexual way) and just HAVE FUN !!!
So guys…just be Yourself cze you’re welcome as you are and We have rules….
1.Be respectful
2.Come on Camera for screening
3.Have fun!!
💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕
This event is brought to you by Jaunty: The Gym for your Social Skills. I wish Jaunty existed 10 years ago when I was learning to overcome my social anxiety and shyness. It’s a shortcut that will save you many years of figuring it out yourself. Use the code SOCIALGOOD20 to get 20% off a monthly or yearly subscription. Go to the following link to redeem the code:
If you’re shy, you know the feeling of being invisible. You want to contribute and be a part of things, but you often hold back because you don’t want to be seen. It can be exhausting and frustrating.
But there’s hope! In this meeting, we’ll show you how to overcome your shyness and start living the life you want. We’ll give you practical tips and techniques that you can use right away to start feeling more confident.
The International Friend Connection is the largest network of Meetup Groups of its type, with 38 groups in different cities worldwide. All of our events are in every group.
We are an all-volunteer organization and do not make any profits.
The only rules are to be positive and kind. Leave your negativity behind. We want to help you program your mind for success. New People must come on camera.
Breakout rooms will be open for all of our regular members.
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June 9 @ 10:02 pm
June 10 @ 12:02 am


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